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CPAP via face mask: A full face mask is placed over the nose and mouth with a good seal. It can be used for those that are mouth breathers, or for pre-oxygenation in spontaneously breathing patients prior to intubation.

Why Use an Alternative to a CPAP Machine? While CPAP machines are the most common treatment for OSA, people with the condition may seek out CPAP alternatives for a number of reasons. These concerns should be discussed with a doctor, who can offer advice on what alternatives may be more suitable.

Silver also recommends positional therapy to reduce sleep apnea events, especially for people whose events primarily occur when they sleep in specific positions, typically on their back.

The HumidX system increases moisture in the air to prevent dryness and ease the breathing process. You can check your sleep data using the ResMed Mini smartphone app, which stores up to 30 day of your sleep data. The app also alerts you of any mask leaks.

If you experience any of these symptoms regularly when using your CPAP machine, talk with your health care provider to see if you can find a solution.

The AirMini automatically decreases pressure levels to help you exhale more comfortably. People who have struggled with standard CPAP machines may have less trouble breathing with the AirMini. Customers should note the HumidX is only compatible with select face masks.

The other lead connects to a space in the ribs near the diaphragm. Once connected, the device monitors the patient's breathing. The device sends an impulse to the tongue during every breath while sleeping, keeping the airway open for oxygen.

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By stimulating these muscles, the airway remains open during sleep. Inspire is controlled by a small handheld remote. The remote allows you to turn Inspire therapy on before bed and off when you wake up, adjust stimulation strength and pause during the night if needed.

You can download the ResMed AirMini app to track sleep data and report information to your doctor. The app also includes a leak detection monitor to ensure your mask stays secure throughout the night. Every AirMini purchase comes with a 2-year warranty.

Airway collapse can occur from various causes, and CPAP is used to maintain airway patency in many of these instances. Airway collapse is typically seen in adults and children who have breathing problems such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which is a cessation or pause in breathing while asleep.

 Instead, it creates a flow of air pressure when you inhale that is strong enough to keep your airway passages open. Once your otolaryngologist determines that CPAP is the right treatment, you will need to wear the CPAP mask every night.

Additional studies are needed to understand the potential benefits of TRDs, but these devices may be check here a reasonable alternative for people without teeth or who cannot use other oral devices.

Customers in the contiguous U.S. who purchase their machine from The Sleep Doctor receive free ground shipping with their order.

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